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Pre-Retirement planning

It's great news that you have decided to compare pensions prior to retirement. A pension comparison between products and pensions providers will help you determine the best pension schemes to suit your working lifestyle.

Stakeholder Pensions

Stakeholder Pensions are a simple, low cost, flexible and secure option for people who do not already have a pension scheme established. You are able to build your own pension fund with flexible contributions.

You can contribute to a stakeholder pension whether you are employed full time, part time, a contractor, self-employed, or unemployed but able to afford contributions.
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Personal Pensions

Personal Pensions allow you to build up a private pension to save for retirement and are particularly good if you are self employed or without access to a stakeholder pension or company pension scheme.

You can start a private pension from around £100 per month, adding more whenever you want to.

Different kind of pensions

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